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People are far more likely to engage and share your stories and posts if they contain images, graphics, audio clips, or video presentations. Aside from enjoying increased engagement and shares, there are several very powerful reasons you should be including multimedia in everything you produce online.


Multimedia assets are your go-to choice to effectively target your audience segment and relate to their needs, emotions, interests, and activities. By using content that is relevant and engaging, your campaigns will see much more success when giving your customers and prospects that last push they needed to connect with your brand’s products or services.

Conveying complex ideas on a limited amount of time is often challenging, more so when your clients (or company) depend on that information to be transmitted effectively. This is one of the cases where multimedia services come in handy, by portraying your idea in the most creative and unique way possible (text, audio, pictures, and video).

Our multimedia services are created in a way that allows the target audience to understand a given topic by breaking it down to its most essential parts for easier content digestion.

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Creation Process

We start by having a meeting with you to get an idea of the project's scope and then we start brainstorming to create an initial draft for further development.

We develop the look and feel of your multimedia content based on your brand's color palette, shape and typography. Once we have a solid brand guideline we start the storyboard.

We create a script for your multimedia content, whether is audio or video, or both, we create a representation of the final piece so you can have an idea of what the end product is going to look like.

We start the task of creating your multimedia piece, everything from designing to animating and voice-over happens in this step.

We present to you the final cut of the piece we created and start iterating based on your feedback! Once we have a pixel-perfect version of the content we are creating for you we proceed to the rendering.

This step is mostly left to the computer to handle. After we have every frame put together, we make sure to render all versions of usable media that will work for digital propagation.

How can multimedia
help you?

Creating Multimedia
is a process we enjoy

We love to hear your ideas! In the end, no one knows your product or service better than you. We usually have a one-on-one phone call to identify the key points of the idea you want to advertise. After having a clear understanding of what your end goal and budget is, we will send you a proposal to bring your idea to life.

This could be either a radio spot, a jingle, an animated video, a filmed video, animated banners, 3D animation, digital compositing, or even as simple as a slideshow!

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If you need to boost your brand’s awareness and generate more visibility, our Multimedia services are for you!

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