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Why Search
Engines Matter


Search engines
are important

because they are everyone’s go-to tool whenever we need to find an answer for anything. So much so, that 3.8 million search queries are generated per Google’s users every minute, if we do the math, that’s roughly 5.4 billion searches every day.

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    Google accounts for almost
    90% of the search engine market

    and its users take advantage of it to find all sorts of information. If you own, or represent a business with digital presence offering services or products, or you are an organization or individual attempting to expose certain information to a particular audience, having the proper visibility in search engines and in Google in particular is crucial.

    We tend to appeal to search engines because they provide answers to our questions regarding any topic that matters to us, including health, education, and leisure to mention a few.

    A great advantage provided by search engines is that the information is immediately available at the tip of our fingers. Achieving proper visibility to reach the target audience is the tricky part as it requires for SEO best practices to be applied.

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    Search Engine
    Optimization Process

    Full SEO Website Audit with SEO specialized tools to optimize technical aspects.

    Competitive analysis to gauge the competitor’s organic visibility and strategize accordingly.

    We optimize your website's meta-data and structured-data to make sure that the search engines crawl your site effectively.

    We optimize the UI/UX for better looks and load times.

    We perform an extensive keyword research to select the optimal target keywords.

    We install a set of tracking tools for analytics, reporting and monitoring purposes.

    We submit your website to the search engines for indexing so you can be present on the search results as soon as possible.

    We develop & optimize content specifically tailored for your business.

    How can SEO
    help you?

    Search Engine Optimization
    benefits & best practices

    Search Engine Optimization consists of applying a series of industry-standardized best practices to successfully have a website appear in the search engine’s organic results.

    Ranking in top positions in search engines such as Google & Bing allows you to reach an audience that is actively engaging, through search queries, with the service, product, message, or idea that you’d like to convey.

    Developing and implementing an SEO strategy should be considered and managed as an ongoing effort and the strategy that will be most efficient will vary depending on the overall business objectives.

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