No Shady Work. No Black-Hat Business. No Worries.

Top Floor Marketing develops optimization strategies that are tailored to your business goals and follow the guidelines recommended by Google and all major search engines. A team of SEO experts will constantly work to get your business to the top.

Attract the Right Traffic to Your Site.

Our Analytics and reporting tools help us ensure not only an increase in traffic but also improvements to on-site user behavior and engagement. Our strategies will focus on enhancing user experience so that your visitors will engage with your website and convert, leading to an increase in sales for your business.

Be Ahead of Your Competitors.

We’ll look into your competitors’ online presence, content, and structure avoiding their pitfalls and taking advantage of their successful practices to help us create a plan that will make your business perform better than the rest.

We Make Your Business Stand Out In Search.

New features are constantly added to search results (knowledge graph, instant answers, business cards, etc.,) and optimizing just for the organic snippet is not enough anymore. That’s why our team will use the latest techniques in markup and on-page optimization to help your business appear beyond the organic results list.

Others Just Write Content. We Create Enhanced Content.

At Top Floor Marketing, we will not only describe your services or simply add descriptions to your product pages. We aim to increase your business by matching your published content to your searcher’s language, targeting the right type of queries, and gaining your visitor’s trust, ensuring a successful experience to all your users.

We Made it to The Top. We’ll Get You Here, Too

Be Found
Starting atU$399.00
Setup Fee U$299.00

Starter package
designed for clients with limited budget or minimal competition.

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  • Optimized Titles and Descriptions
  • Indexing
  • 404 Errors and Backlink check
  • 20 Local Listings
  • 3 On-Page Copy Edits
    0 SEO Ready Content
Be Visible
Starting atU$499.00
Setup Fee U$399.00

Additional emphasis on local SEO
for clients in competitive markets or many target locations.

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  • Optimized Titles and Descriptions
  • Indexing
  • 404 Errors and Backlink check
  • 30 Local Listings
  • 3 On-Page Copy Edits and
    1 SEO Ready Content
Be Everywhere
Starting atU$699.00
Setup Fee U$599.00

For clients with high competition
and/or a large number of products and services.

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  • Optimized Titles and Descriptions
  • Indexing
  • 404 Errors and Backlink check
  • 40+ Local Listings
  • 6 On-Page Copy Edits and
    2 SEO Ready Content